Walk to Emmaus Responsibilities of Sponsorship

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Sponsorship Talk (YouTube Video)

Good sponsorship involves many tasks that must be completed. The following list includes the minimum items that are to be completed by the sponsor. Below that is a checklist. Use the checklist as a quick reference for some of these responsibilities. Your perseverance in these details is critical to your new Pilgrim’s Emmaus experience. Remember that sponsorship does not end with the weekend, but continues into your Pilgrim’s Fourth Day.

  1. A sponsor should be an active part of the Emmaus community
  2. A sponsor should be a part of a reunion group / small group / Bible study group.
  3. A sponsor should know the new Pilgrim for at least 6 months.
  4. Pray about sponsoring someone before you talk to him/her about Emmaus. Consider the “Guidelines for New Pilgrim Selection” above as part of your prayers.
  5. Remember that the weekend is intended for both members of a married couple. Speak with each of them; don’t rely on one spouse to recruit the other.
  6. Explain to the new Pilgrim that the Walk to Emmaus is a short course in Christian leadership training.
  7. Describe the talks, experiences of communion and prayer, good food, singing, and fellowship.
  8. Have the new Pilgrim fill out the Pilgrim information section on an application and return it to you.
  9. Personally take the responsibility for getting their pastor’s signature, then mail the application to the Pre-Walk Coordinator. The address is at the top of the application.
  10. Sponsors are responsible for paying the $50 per Pilgrim registration fee.
  11. The fee should be included with the application. Make checks payable to: “Central California Walk to Emmaus”.
  12. Contact friends and relatives of the Pilgrim, and ask them to write agape. See the sample Agape Request Letter at the end of this document. Include a hand written agape letter from you in their Agape bag. If married, ask the spouse to write a note. Notes from children can be especially wonderful.
  13. Make sure the Pilgrim’s spouse knows you or a friend are available if they need anything while their spouse is away at the Walk. You can help with childcare, or any other needs they may have over the weekend. Let them know that you love and care for them.
  14. You are required to personally pickup and take your Pilgrim to the Walk on Thursday evening. Once they have signed in and received their name tag, escort them to the sleeping room, and help setup their bed. Some sponsors take their Pilgrims out to dinner beforehand.
  15. Attend the Sponsors prayer service (Thursday night, 8:00 PM), Candlelight (Saturday night, 7:45 PM), Mananitas (Sunday morning, 5:15 AM) and closing (Sunday afternoon, 2:45 PM).
  16. Bring your new Pilgrim(s) to the next area gathering so they can stay connected with the friends they have made, and hear the Sponsorship talk. Assist them with their own sponsorship efforts. Note: You can check the calendar at ccwte.org for gathering dates.

 Guidelines for New Pilgrim Selection

Please prayerfully consider the following questions when considering someone as a potential new Pilgrim. These questions and notes will help you decide if a person is ready for the Walk to Emmaus and will persevere in their Fourth Day discipleship.

  1. Is the person a (baptized) Christian?
  2. Can you talk to this person about Jesus Christ?
  3. Is the person in good health?       (If a pregnant woman, not more than 7 months pregnant?) Someone for whom the Walk weekend will not be a physical hardship?
  4. Is the person mentally and emotionally stable? Is there stress evident, i.e., a recent divorce, death, or illness that might interfere with their Walk experience?
  5. Is the person a mature, responsible adult of at least 21 years of age?
  6. Is the person someone who is respected and has a positive impact on those around them?
  7. Is the person someone who will work to improve their environment by bringing Christ into their work, home, church and society-at-large?
  8. Is the person open to living in Christian community and fellowship?
  9. It is not typically helpful for a married person to go on a Walk without their spouse also attending. You must get Board approval for a married person to attend alone.
  10. It would not be appropriate to sponsor someone who is cohabitating with another person.

Post-Walk to Emmaus Responsibility of Sponsorship

Once the Walk is over, there are further responsibilities for the sponsor.

  1. Stay in contact with your new Pilgrim(s) after the Walk.
  2. Bring your new Pilgrim(s) to the next area gathering so they can stay connected with the friends they have made, and hear the Sponsorship talk. Assist them with their own sponsorship efforts. Note: You can check the calendar at ccwte.org for gathering dates.
  3. Offer to work an upcoming Walk with your Pilgrim. It can be a lot easier for someone to come back and work a Walk weekend if they know their friend will be working with them on the same team.
  4. Explain the Fourth Day opportunities, Gatherings and Reunion Groups offered by the community and help your new Pilgrim stay connected.

You can request a copy of a Pilgrim Application at this link.

 Sponsorship Checklist

Download and print a copy of this checklist (pdf)

  1. Information has been given to my new Pilgrim about the weekend –
    • What the weekend is all about; what to expect
    • What to bring; comfortable clothes, Bible, hand towel, flashlight, etc.
    • Sleeping arrangements
    • Transportation to and from the weekend arranged
  2. Application –
    • Fully completed in a timely manner
    • Copy made
    • Original sent to Pre-Walk Coordinator (Ok to scan and send via e-mail)
  3. My Agape – Prayers, special intentions, fasting, etc. What will I do?

Thursday __________________________________________________

Friday __________________________________________________

Saturday __________________________________________________

Sunday __________________________________________________

  1. Written Agape & Gifts –
    • My own for the Pilgrim
    • From new Pilgrim’s family and friends
    • My own for team members
  2. Special help my Pilgrim may need –
    • Babysitter
    • House sitter
    • Mail/newspapers
    • Support of spouse in my new Pilgrims absence
    • Other needs __________________________________
  3. Attendance at special events –
    • Thursday 8 PM meet to pray for Pilgrims
    • Saturday PM at Candlelight
    • Sunday AM at Mananitas (men only at men’s and women only at women’s)
    • Sunday afternoon at Closing
    • First gathering after the Walk
  4. The Fourth Day –
    • Contact with the new Pilgrim shortly after the Walk
    • Find out the date of the next Gathering, and attend with new Pilgrim
    • Invite the new Pilgrim to work a Walk with you
    • Meet with Fourth Day Coordinator, if needed to assist in locating a Reunion Group
    • Review of Service Sheet with new Pilgrim
    • Continued prayers for the new Pilgrim
    • Assist the new Pilgrim in their own sponsorship efforts

Sample Letter to Pilgrim’s Family and Friends

Download this letter (Word format)

Dear (Name of recipient);

Greetings on behalf of (John and Jane Doe)! They will be participating in a “Walk to Emmaus” weekend. “Walk to Emmaus” is weekend retreat rich in renewal and nurturing of one’s faith in Jesus Christ and experiencing God’s unconditional constant love. It is interdenominational with people and pastors from a number of churches participating and providing leadership.

Surprises and gifts add to the enjoyment of the “Walk to Emmaus” weekend. One of the surprises is mail sent by family and friends. Since you are one of those special people in (John) and (Jane’s) lives, we are asking you to write an individual letter (or note) to each of them expressing your appreciation and love for them. You may want to recall an event that was special to the two of you or a humorous incident that you have shared. Only John or Jane will see it, so make it as personal as you wish.

Please help make (John’s) and (Jane’s) “Walk to Emmaus” a special time in this way:

  1. Write a handwritten letter to each of them and sign your name.
  2. Place each letter in a separate envelope and write their first and last name on the outside (but not your own name).

Place the envelopes into a larger envelope and send it to the address below prior to (month and day) so we can get the letters delivered to the proper place on time. As you can see, time is of great importance. We usually have 5 weeks to gather the letters. This time, we have only a few days.

Since your letters are to be a complete surprise, please DO NOT mention your letters until after (month and day after Women’s Walk).

Thanks for helping to make (John’s and Jane’s) “Walk To Emmaus” a most memorable and special time in their lives.

In His Love,

Sponsor’s Name
City, State, Zip