Upper RoomCentral California Walk to Emmaus is a non-profit organization that produces three day retreats for Christians to experience the Love of Jesus Christ as they never have before. It is one of many such organizations around the world that are affiliated with The Upper Room. Though sponsored by the United Methodist Church, the Walk to Emmaus celebrates the diversity of many denominations through the unity of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ. All Christians are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Want to Sponsor a Pilgrim?

To acquire information and to obtain an application, contact Jackie Collins.

General Information about the Weekend

Emmaus Weekend Events

All prior Emmaus pilgrims are welcome to the special services during the Walks, whether they are working on a team or not.  The schedule for these events is as follows:

  • Candlelight 8:00pm
  • Mananitas 5:15am
  • Closing 2:45pm

Note: Men only at the men’s Mananitas.  Women only at the women’s.  If you are not working on a live-in team, please bring your own flowers.

Ways You Can Help

Volunteer for Prayer Vigil: The 24-hour prayer vigil is staffed from 6:00am until 11:00pm by the on-site teams, but the remaining hours are manned by off-site members of the community.  You may volunteer for a one-hour time slot from 11:00pm until 5:00am for either the Men’s or Women’s Walks (or both) by contacting the Agape Boss for the weekends.

Write Agape: Hand-write a note to each new Pilgrim and the team members.

Agape: A Gift of Love

Please sort your Agape alphabetically before you drop it off in the Agape room.

Each member of the team and the community is asked to write one hand written note to each Pilgrim.  In addition to your written letters, notes, and cards, you may also give “pillow Agape”.  The community rules require that any “pillow Agape” be given to all of the Pilgrims so no one feels left out.

Agape gifts should be kept simple and need to be small enough to fit inside an Agape sack.  If you want to give your Pilgrim a large gift, please wait until after Closing.  Be sure to deliver your Agape to the Agape Room early so the team has time to sort it into the bags.

CCWTE Food Policy

It is the desire of the Central California Board of Walk to Emmaus to state the policy for preparing and serving “Special Diet” meals to our pilgrims and workers.  We have in the past and will continue to do whatever is needed to prepare meals to meet the “Medical” and “Spiritual” dietary needs of our community while on the walks.   This includes the Vegetarian/Vegan menus.  We will continue to seek advice on how to prepare foods to meet those needs, and as any need arises.  The most important thing to remember is that we are all brothers and sisters in “The Body of Christ” and serve him together.  We love and appreciate each one of you!

Child Care for Walk Events

Child care is not provided for Closing or Candlelight.   Out of respect for the Pilgrims, please do not bring children to these events.

Sponsorship Reminders

Sponsorship is an important aspect of the Emmaus weekend experience. As a Sponsor, you set the tone for God to work in the life of your Pilgrim. Your responsibilities as a Sponsor are outlined in the material you received in your Fourth Day packet. However, as a reminder of those responsibilities, please take a few moments to review the following check list:

  1. Make sure you obtain Agape letters for your Pilgrim.  Notify friends or family members of the individual(s) with this letter.
  2. Notify the Lay Director and Head Cha Cha about any special health or diet needs your Pilgrim may have.
  3. Make adequate preparation for any special sleeping needs your Pilgrim may have such as special bedding, mattresses, etc.
  4. Take your Pilgrim out to dinner Thursday night before going to the church.
  5. Stay at the church and help your Pilgrim get settled.
  6. Attend the Sponsor’s prayer service after the social hour Thursday evening (8:05pm).
  7. Pray for your Pilgrim and his/her family during the weekend.
  8. Attend Candlelight and be prepared to pray for your Pilgrim during the candle lighting service.
  9. Assist your Pilgrim’s spouse, if he or she has already attended a Walk, to get babysitting so they may attend Candlelight.
  10. Attend Mananitas on Sunday morning. Remember, men only at the men’s, and women only at the women’s.  Also, bring your own flowers if you are not on an on-site team.
  11. Bedding for your pilgrim should be limited to a single cot, blow up single bed or fold out futon.  Please, no night stands, privacy screens, or other special amenities that may make others feel inferior.
  12. Bring your pilgrim to the first gathering after their walk to connect them to the community.

Agape Request Letter:

The purpose of this letter is to notify family and friends of the individual(s) planning to attend a “Walk To Emmaus” weekend. Choose from the following formats:

Word WordPerfect | text document format