“I have known for years, as have most of the criminologists in this country, that the greatest hope for an inmate to avoid the revolving doors of our prisons is to undergo a religious conversion experience during his incarceration.” . . . Dr. Peter Legins, noted Criminologist

“I’ve been in the church all my life. I’ve worked, probably, in 600 prisons in this country. I’ve seen more of Christ and more of Christianity, this week, in this prison, than I have seen in all my life.”  (After observing a Kairos weekend) . . . William Nagel, author of Red Barn, A Critical Look at the Modern American Prison, and one of America’s leading authorities on corrections.

I was in prison and you visited meFrom Valley State Prison Residents:

“It feels so good to know God is my friend!”

“Even though I am in prison, my spirit is free!”

“I know life is going to be a struggle, but now I’ve got all of heaven backing me up!”

“Thank-you, for taking us ‘out’ of prison for the weekend!”

“I found out today that I am Chosen!”

“I’ve never felt love like this before!”

“I never seen Jesus as my Friend. He knows what it feels like to be arrested and to go to court.”

“I get it now! I see it, I want it, gimme some right now!”

“God is my Friend – even tho I am in prison I’m really not. I just didn’t know He was my Friend.”

“I really have a family now – that would be ya’ll. I really feel loved. Now when I call my kids I won’t feel so down. I can see that God comes in all forms”

“I got it this time and I’m not giving it away. I found out this weekend that I am the light and I don’t need that dark side anymore.”

“I’ve been to a lot of parties in my life – but never a Christian one.”

From Kairos Volunteers:

“The most amazing part of Kairos is when we meet women at VSPW on a Friday night and by Monday night we see such dramatic changes. Women who often come the first night withdrawn, distrustful, and scared are, by the last day, praising the Lord and hugging everyone around them. These changes are what I imagine it was like during the time when Jesus was preaching and healing people. It’s seeing God move right before your very eyes!” …  from a volunteer at the Central California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla


“I’ll never be the same. After working Kairos 4 I truly understood being the Hands and Feet of Jesus. To see and feel the power of the Holy Spirit working was incredible. I was truly blessed to learn the meaning of the phrase “It’s not about me it’s about Him. Kairos week-ends and the reunion gatherings will definitely be a priority in my life.”

“Never have I seen so many come to Jesus so quickly. The fear and sadness on their faces on the first day is overwhelming, the Joy and gladness on the last day is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I have found the place where I know God is working in a mighty way. What a privilege to carry the good news to people so hungry. Thank You Jesus for using me in this mission.”

“Working Kairos to me means that I can share the hope of Christ with woman who are where I have been and was able to change my life. As a former inmate of Valley State Prison working Kairos gives me that opportunity, sharing the love of Jesus… “

“I have had the incredible pleasure to have worked on a Kairos Team for our 1st four weekends. Each time I do so gives me another opportunity to be a witness to the awesome power of God’s love. Each time I am humbled by His mighty and merciful hand of grace upon the incarcerated. I come away filled to overflowing with His unchanging love. I am awe-struck to realize how the simple act of “being there” can affect the lives of the forgotten, lonely women. To be able to bear witness to the women opening the doors of their hearts to Christ – the very same heart that has been closed so tightly that they themselves realize they have ceased to live – only exist. To be able to watch as tears of forgiveness cascade down their faces as they realize they can be safe in the arms of Jesus … that they can trust again. It is such an awakening for them. They are literally transformed when they realize that Jesus is their Friend and that they can depend on Him always!!!”

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